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Homeowners always have a never-ending to-do list. And one of the critical tasks on their list is replacing furnace filters on time.

You can extend the life of your furnace by years if you clean and replace the furnace filter regularly.

A furnace filter traps contaminants from escaping through your home’s heating and cooling system. It captures even the tiniest particles that can contaminate the air and prevents mold spores, pollen, debris, and dust from entering the air ducts. The efficiency of your heating and cooling systems will improve considerably if only clean air enters your home. Moreover, an air filter will protect your health and the health of everyone else in the house.

Selecting an air filter is a complex and time-consuming process. Your HVAC system might use conventional filters, but custom air filters should be your go-to choice to improve indoor air quality. Failing to replace your furnace filters on time can lead to poor indoor air quality.

Proper air filtration is essential to maintain one’s health. While it is invigorating and stress-relieving to be at home, you shouldn’t have any difficulty breathing because of the air quality. The quality of the air you breathe can be drastically improved with the right kind of air filter.

Finding the Right Furnace Filter for Your Home!

We all know replacing the furnace filter is important. But do we know how important it is to replace it correctly? Each HVAC system requires a certain type of air filter. Make sure you buy the right size filter for your HVAC system. The standard sizes available are 16 x 20, 16 x 25, and 20 x 25 inches. Check your existing filter to know which size is right for you.

If your filter size is different from the standard sizes available in the market, don’t fret. You need a custom size air filter!

Custom-size air filters are built to your exact specifications. United Filter holds a vast array of filters from all brands and sizes, including custom and odd sizes. No matter what size air filter you need, we can create it for you. Our customer service team can help you measure and decide the right filter size for your furnace, and we can build it for you. We also have many other options, such as multiple pleat and low-clearance filters.

Our custom-size air filters are built to tolerances of + or - ⅛”. Whether you need a 20 x 20 or 60 x 60 inches (or even bigger) filter, we can do it for you. United Filter can make a filter in any size. While manufacturing a size different from our standardized filters can take time, we will deliver it to you at the earliest so that you continue to breathe in fresh and clean air.

Why Do You Need a Custom Air Filter in Canada?

The most effective furnace filters are often made to order, keeping in mind your unit’s specific requirements. They serve as the lungs of your home. With the help of well-fitted air filters, you can remove allergens and particles, such as dust and debris, from your home, thereby improving air quality. Depending on your system’s requirements, the filters can be simple, single-layered filters, or very complex filters in some cases.

In homes without a high-quality filtration system, the air traveling from the HVAC system into the home passes through the filters remaining as dirty as it was before entering. As a result, dust and other particles distribute throughout your home or office.

To solve the problem and help you enjoy the benefits of high-quality air filtration, we at United Filter offer a wide range of furnace filters in all lengths and widths. We make custom air filters for HVAC systems to help you breathe easier and protect your family from indoor air pollutants.

Custom Filters Improve Indoor Air Quality

It is unhealthy to live in a home with contaminants. Most homeowners understand how dangerous it is to inhale high levels of mold, particulate, carbon monoxide, and other indoor pollutants, but very few realize that they are breathing them regularly because their air filters are ill-fitted.

The best way to ensure that the air inside your home is fresh and clean, free from all contaminants, is the installation of custom air filters for the furnace. These filters are made according to the exact measurements of the HVAC unit.

Custom Filters Improve HVAC Performance

The primary goal of installing custom air filtration systems is to improve indoor air quality. But there’s an added benefit. A filter of the right size improves the performance of the HVAC system. It helps to deliver increased efficiency and reduce power and electric bills.

Additionally, if you have custom-sized air filters installed, fouling or clogging of internal parts reduces. As a result, you have fewer repair bills and lesser furnace maintenance requirements to meet.

These benefits of custom air filters translate to lower power bills and a more comfortable home.

How often Should you Replace a Furnace Filter?

Your furnace filter plays a key role in your home. Consequently, you need to replace it regularly to ensure it can operate efficiently.

So, how do you know you need to replace your filter? It depends on a few factors. The thickness of the air filter is the first factor determining when you need to replace your filter. Most filters need replacement every three months. You can wait for a few more months if you have a very thick filter. If you have any queries, read the manufacturer’s recommendations to understand when you need to replace a specific filter.

If there is someone at home with asthma or allergies who has a greater requirement for better indoor air quality, you need to replace your filter more frequently. Moreover, if you have pets, you will have more fur or dander. Similarly, if you are a large family, there are chances of more contaminants coming in. With these conditions, you must replace your filter more often.

Who Should Use Custom HVAC Air Filters?

Custom air filters in Toronto are the right choice for homeowners or office owners with unusually sized HVAC units. United Filter provides custom-manufactured air filters in any size requested. All homes aren’t the same, but our customization service allows you to choose the exact filter dimension for length, width, and depth, pick the filter quality, and the amount desired to get a filter suiting your requirements. Custom air filters have the same installation process as standard air filters.

How to Measure Filter Dimensions?

The dimensions of a filter include length, width, and depth. They are printed in small fonts on the filters. However, for custom air filters in Canada, you need to measure the exact size.

First, check if the filter is square. Measure one side to know the measurements. If the filter is not a square, measure the longest side, then the smaller one, and lastly, the thickness or depth. Round it off to the nearest whole number to order a new filter customized for your furnace.

The Bottom Line

United Filter understands the importance of having a quality filter installed in your home. We manufacture our products in Mississauga, Ontario, and help you find the right size for your furnace. Without further ado, get in touch with us today!

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