Sku: UF8-11224-12
Nominal Size: 12x24x1
Actual Size: 11-3/8 x 23-3/8 x 3/4
Part #: UF8-11224-12
Case: 12
Price: $84.99


Introducing our 12x24x1 MERV 8 Air Filter - 12 Pack, the reliable choice for maintaining cleaner and fresher indoor air quality throughout your home. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your HVAC system, these high-quality filters provide effective filtration performance at an affordable price.

Key Features:

  1. Efficient Filtration: With a MERV 8 rating, these air filters excel at capturing a broad range of common airborne particles. From dust and lint to pet dander and pollen, these filters work tirelessly to ensure the air you breathe is visibly cleaner and healthier.

  2. Affordable Performance: Our MERV 8 air filters strike the perfect balance between filtration efficiency and affordability. Enjoy the benefits of improved indoor air quality without breaking the bank.

  3. Enhanced Airflow: Designed with a 12x24x1 size, these filters offer a spacious surface area for optimal air passage. This design optimizes airflow while effectively trapping particles, contributing to both enhanced HVAC system performance and energy savings.

  4. Durable Build: Crafted with durability in mind, each filter is built to withstand the demands of continuous operation. The robust construction and pleated design not only boost filtration efficiency but also extend the overall lifespan of the filter.

  5. Convenient 12-Pack: This package includes twelve MERV 8 air filters, ensuring you have an ample supply for an extended period. With a year's worth of filters at your disposal, you'll be able to maintain consistent air quality with ease.

  6. Breathe Easy: By reducing airborne irritants, allergens, and contaminants, these filters promote a healthier living environment. Breathe easy knowing that you're taking proactive measures to protect your respiratory health and well-being.

Enhance the air quality within your living spaces with our 12x24x1 MERV 8 Air Filter - 12 Pack. Offering efficient filtration, budget-friendly pricing, and easy installation, these filters are an essential addition to any home. Enjoy cleaner air, increased comfort, and a sense of well-being for you and your family.