The Right Furnace Filter For Your Home

When people turn on the switch to their furnace they know they are going to get warm air. However, what people may get as well is some lingering dust, dirt, and a variety of other items that can make them ill. To prevent this from happening, people need to select the best furnace filter for their home.

Consider the filter’s ability to stop certain types of particles from passing through. Consider the Merv rating (look for something with a rating between 8 and 11) and at least a minimum description on what it can remove from the air.

Time frame the filters are supposed to last can help people know how often they need to replace them. While people may find some filters last up to three months, they need to realize this only applies with normal usage and in homes without pets.

Materials used in the manufacture of the filter is a good thing to look into. A lot of times the filters sides will be made from cheap, lightweight cardboard. The downside is this cardboard can easily wear out and get flimsy. When this cardboard does wear out, it tends to start to collapse the filter down, which in turn makes it nearly impossible to use the filter. Better quality filters will be made of the type of cardboard that is used as containers to hold heavier items.

Filter sizes can vary, depending on the make of your furnace. Often you can save money, purchasing aftermarket or generic products. Many online stores will provide charting to match filter sizes to makes and models. Take the time to do a little research. It will pay off, eliminating the problem of purchasing the wrong filter and having to deal with returns.

Obviously, price is a big factor people need to consider. Some don’t mind buying name brand -good for you! You can save however, when looking to the generic option. Not a well-kept secret is that most of the products out there are made by a few manufacturers. I won’t mention by name, but many large well-known companies simply rewrap their brand around them and market as their own. I like saving money. I will let you decide what’s best for you.

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